Brand Yourself as the Trusted Local Celebrity

What is a Trusted Local Celebrity?

A Trusted Local Celebrity is someone who knows enough to help their customers and prospects with a specific problem and is willing to share that knowledge and is recognized for doing so. Think of this as being an educator and advocate for your clients. Wouldn't you find it easier to talk about yourself as an educator and advocate for your clients, rather than the expert? As a Trusted Local Celebrity, you'll experience business and brand domination, a huge edge over the competition, ability to quality clients who will pay you top dollar for your advice, opening of more doors to bigger opportunities, development of multiple streams of income from sharing your expertise, becoming the hunted rather than the hunter, and creating financial freedom where your biggest problem is saying no. Inside "Brand Yourself as the Trusted Local Celebrity", Donna Gunter walks you through how to make them choose you as the obvious choice and how to build a wildly successful business as a well-known educator and advocate to your clients.


About Donna Gunter

Donna Gunter opened her first online business as an online business manager/marketing virtual assistant in 1999 and successfully built this virtual company from her small, rural, East Texas hometown using only connections made online and authority positioning marketing strategies. She continued to grow her business and became an online marketing and business coach, as well as an Amazon #1 best-selling author of "Make Them Choose You," "Brand Yourself as the Trusted Local Celebrity," and "Biz Smart Quick Guide: 10 Strategies to Online Visibility for More Traffic, Clicks, and Profit!." After successfully growing this small business, she started a digital marketing agency and has other small businesses grow using the Internet. She is a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist, a Certified Social Media Growth Specialist, and a member of the Best Selling Authors Association.

Your Authority Website

You'll discover the 10 most compelling features to include in your authority website to help you leverage your expertise in your marketplace.

Become a Podcast Guest

Discover the secrets to speaking once and being heard by thousands as a guest on a podcast or radio show.

A Lead Generation Book

Discover how this 2021 version of a business card will drive more prospects to your business and convert leads to clients.

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What People Are Saying....

Winnie Van Heerden

President and Wedding and Special Event Florist at Florunique, Redondo Beach, CA

"In just a week, FlorUnique was all over the Internet! I actually know now what to do next. Her knowledge and availability to answer my questions provide me with great comfort - in lingo that even a novice such myself can understand!"

Willie Miller

President, Miller Insurance Agency Beaumont, TX

"WOW! The media coverage today was fantastic! Our interview was seen across the United States on dozens of TV stations! We are very excited about the exposure for our insurance agency. Our phone has been ringing all morning! Thanks go to Donna Gunter of BizSmart Media for making this so easy. I know insurance, not media relations. Donna made the process a breeze! And the results exceeded anything I expected! ‚Äč"

Rebecca Beardsley

Owner and Hair Stylist Mentor, ShineForth Salon Oakland, CA

"The breadth of Donna's expertise became very apparent when we began working together on my book project. The quality and depth of her work couldn't have been a better match. She helped me find my voice and move into getting the word out, while creating ease every step of the way. Not only that, with her stellar support my book soared to become a #1 Amazon International Bestseller in four categories! Her follow-through is bar none, I couldn't have done it with out her!"

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